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How to RP!

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How to RP!

Post  Asterisk on Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:23 pm

To RP you type in a descriptive way that describes what's happening, in a similar way to how a story would be written. Quotes ("Speech") denote that you're talking. Thoughts are italic, and whispering is Strikethrough.

This is called Godmodding, don't do it. It's basically controlling a character oor auto-hitting them. Example:

Player 1 punches Player 2, breaking his teeth.

In this situation, Player 2 has no ability to respond. Also, there is another form of Godmod called Metagame, basically where you use information that you know as a person, but your character does not know, in a situation. Example:

:dark: punches whip in the gut because in whip 's bio it said he's weak in the gut, but :dark: 's character does not know this weakness. Follow these rules and everyone will be happy Smile


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