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Gurren Lagann
Increase its stats by 300 and life by 300.
Simon token 32388.imgcache

Choginga Gurren Lagann
Increase its stats by 400 and life by 500. damage by technique increase by 100
Simon token Chogingagurrenlagann

Super gurren lagann
Increase its stats by 1000 and life by 500 and damage of technique increase by 300
Simon token Ttglavy6
Technique or hability:

Giga drill
400 Damage,300 energy cost. Move of the user
Simon token Giga_drill_breaker_by_gezzalee-d3k8b8n
Giga drill (Choginga gurren lagann)
500 damage,400 energy cost. EX move
Simon token 10ddumt
Giga drill (super gurren lagann)
900 damage. 500 energy cost. Move of user,wait 4 turns to use it again
Simon token 2dtu45g

Burst Spinning Punch
300 damage,100 energy cost. EX move
Simon token Anime15


Life points: 300 (gurren lagann will be 500) (choginga will be 700 and super gurren lagann will be 900)
Energy: 900
Damage with punch or kicks: 20
Move: A move
Move points: 190
Move points table:
90-100 A move
200-250 AS move
300-350 X move
400-up EX move

Bonification: Transformations reduce 400 damage of a attack also,their size will be 500 M.


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