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Post  Baka Naruto on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:46 pm

Naruto Modes
Naruto Uzumaki Modes:

Naruto Uzumaki Normal State

Naruto Kyuubi:
15 energy cost increases all stats by 10

Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode:
20 energy cost can counter and dodge any move with ability to control chakra nature with more control
and powers up attacks by 150 and increases all stats by 600 lasts 5 turns

Naruto Uzumaki Kyuubi Sage:
Inceases all stats by 650 and has all abilities of Sage Mode

Naruto Uzumaki Kyuubi Chakra:
Increases all stats by 800 lasts 8 turns 25 energy cost

Naruto Uzumaki Bijuu Mode:
Increases all stats by 1000 takes 30 energy cost lats 15 turns

Naruto Half Bijuu Mode:
Takes 25 energy and lasts 12 turns increases all stats by 850

Kurama Mode increases all stats by 1250 takes 50 energy

(Future Naruto Rikudou Sennin Mode) 100 energy cost lasts 20 turns increases all stats by 2500 has all the abilities of previous modes and is able to cast genjutsu

 Naruto Jutsus
Naruto Uzumaki Jutsus:

Kage Bunshi No Jutsu can use anytime gives 100 damage to opponent and they vanish in 3 turns

Rasengan can use anytime and can use with Kage Bunshi No Jutsu 300 damage

Tornado Rasengan can only be used with Naruto Kyuubi 550 damage

Rasengan barrage has to be in Sage Mode 650 damage

Odama Rasengan 730 damage

Rasen Shuriken can be used in any mode and can throw in Bijuu ,Kyuubi Chakra ,and Sage Mode also can expand it in Sage Mode 990 damage

Mini Rasen Shuriken can only be used in Kyuubi Chakra 400 damage

Bijuu Dama Rasengan only in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 950 damage

Bijuu Dama only in Bijuu Transformation 1600 damage

Planetary Rasengan 980 Damage only in Kyuubi Chakra

Life points: 500
Energy: 900
Damage with punch or kicks: 40
Move: AS move 
Move points: 200
Move points table:
90-100 A move
300-350 AS move
400-450 X move
500-up EX move
Baka Naruto
Baka Naruto

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