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Luffy's token

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Luffy's token

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:39 am

Monkey D. Luffy:


to activate the bijuu will be a cost of 300 energy.
Bijuu dama:

300 damage.100 energy. X move

Beast bomb with tail

200 damage. 100 energy. EX MOVE


Life points: 300
Energy: 550
Damage with punch or tail or kicks: 70
Move: X move
Move points: 400
Move points table:
100-150 X move
200-up EX move


Kenbushoku Haki
20 Energy cost. Can dodge the attack of your oponent no matter what technique or move is and know what your oponent will do. (Wait 5 turn to use it and can use another technique)

Busoushoku Haki
Increase your attacks by 250,150 energy cost. Can resist the attack of your enemy no matter what move had (this technique end in 10 turn and need to wait 3 turns to use it and can use "GearĀ  combined with Busoushoku Haki" or "Elephant Gun" in the same turn you use this technique.)

haoshoku haki
K.O any enemy that has 150 life left. 60 energy cost (EX MOVE)

Gear second or Gear Sekando
10 energy cost,its stats will be increase by 450. Can use a jet technique (this technique end in 8 turns and wait 4 turns to use it again when its end also if you use it again it lose 3 turn to end
You use it,wait 8 turns,but if you use it again you lose 3 turns and wait 5 turns)

Gear third
stats will increase by 490,90 energy cost (only one time and can use gigant techniques). A move

Elephant Gatoring
490 damage to the oponent. EX move (wait 10 turns to use it)

Gomu Gomu no Champion Gatling
370 damage to your oponent and 50 energy cost. AS move

Gomu Gomu no jet pistol or Gear combined with busoushoku hakiĀ  (if it you use it)
100 damage to your oponent if you use busoushoku haki is 390 damage,95 energy cost. EX move (wait 9 turn to use it again)

Gomu Gomu no Thor Axe
260 Damage to your oponent 40 energy cost. AS move (only use with gear third)

Gomu Gomu no Gigant Stamp
470 damage to your oponent 60 energy cost. X move (only use with gear third)

Gomu Gomu no Gatlin
160 damage and 50 energy cost. X move

Gomu Gomu no red hawk
500 damage and 80 energy cost. X move (can use it when you use Bosoushoku haki)

Gomu Gomu no Jet gatling
495 damage and 90 energy cost. EX move (wait 12 turns to use it again)


Life points: 300
Energy: 400
Damage with punch or kicks: 20
Damage with akuma no mi: 30
Move: A move
Move points: 200
Move points table:
90-100 A move
200-250 AS move
300-350 X move
400-up EX move



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