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Rules of anime role play

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Rules of anime role play

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:19 pm

These are the rules of how to make a token (You cannot take characters from videogames)
First you need to make a token doing this:


Weapons/Armors: (if she/he uses one)
Transformation: (if she/he has one)

NPC are characters that the game masters control to battle you. The game master will role play with that character. If the NPC is dead you can use it as a decoy or use a rare item to take control of it or make it your partner

You control your character and all your movements but you have to cooperate with your opponent Example of what to do: Player A: I use my teleportation technique to get behind you and attack! Player B: Dammit! Agh! I will use my potion to heal myself.
Example of what not to do: Player A: I use my special technique to gain energy to prepare my ultimate attack! Player B: I use the best power on earth to kill you.

When your beat your oponent:
When your beat your oponent you can take your oponents items and use them. If your oponent had technique with items you can use that technique but with the item.

Speed table:
A move = Is a slow move
AS move = Is medium slow speed but is more faster than a Move
X move = Is the speed of the light,is more faster than AS and A move
EX move= Is the most fasted speed is more faster than all speed

Shock attacks
When you send to your oponent an attack and your oponent send you an attack the attack that had more damage win also the attack is subtracted example:
Your oponent send you and attack that the damage is 10 and you send an attack that the damage is 20,the attack that have much destroy de attack that doesnt have much and your oponent get 10 damage because my attack was 20 and the attack of the oponent was 10 then my attack is subtracted and is 10 damage.

Character selected

Goku-Daftgong-Dragon ball
Naruto-Judai Yuki-Naruto
Yusei Fudo-Ibrahimo5-Yugioh 5d's

That's all you need to know have fun roleplaying!

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Re: Rules of anime role play

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:58 pm

rules edited


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Re: Rules of anime role play

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:35 pm



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Re: Rules of anime role play

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